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Melloncroft Drive Phone Mast

The planning permission for the Melloncroft Drive Phone Mast was granted by the Council and has since been erected. There were positive and negative views in equal measure regarding the construction of the mast. Following the...

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Car Parking Charges

Car Parking Charges Decision We are pleased to say that thanks to the many petitions from the public totalling over 15,000 signatures and people turning up to the Council meetings were the matter was discussed, The Council...

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Mersey Now

MerseyNow is a free community messaging system for Merseyside that allows you to register to...

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Weed Spraying

The weeds in Caldy, as with many other areas in Wirral, have been a big eyesore recently. At present weeds are sprayed 3 times a year- March/April; June/July, and October/November according to the Council schedule. However, the...

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