Planting time is here

An opportunity to fill gaps or replace misfits.  Whilst the soil is still warm, plant trees, shrubs and perennials. Keep watered if the weather is not damp enough to do it for you.

Plant biennials such as wallflowers and foxgloves.

Choose bulbs, but don’t plant tulips until November, to protect them from damage by the fungal disease Tulip Fire.

Cuttings & Seeds

Take cuttings of half hardy plants.

Collect seeds and store or give away in clearly labelled paper bags.

Divide primroses.


Lawncare should involve keeping leaves from settling, scarification, aeration and top dressing.

A lot of bird activity in the grass might mean leatherjackets are present. If so, there is a treatment for the problem if it is seriously damaging the turf.

Second Bloom

Remember to dead head and feed any plants which might reward you with an extra flush of flowers eg dahlias and begonias.

Black Spot

Rose leaves with black spot should ideally be burnt; clearing them from the soil surface and brown binning should be as effective.

Trim Hedges

Hedges need trimming now. Hawthorn, yew, beech and leylandii need tidying as soon as any bird nesting activity is over.

It is an offence to damage or destroy the nest of a wild bird whilst it is being built or is in use.


Try to keep on top of the weeding, a weed removed now can save it seeding and multiplying whilst your back is turned.