You may remember that we are actively pursuing the Broadband problems in Caldy, particularly the improvement of Broadband speeds for residents of Caldy, which in many cases, are far below the national average.

To this end we have successfully engaged Gavin Patterson, CEO of BT, who has mobilised an Openreach team to investigate the problem for us. Gavin’s involvement has (not surprisingly) ‘raised our profile’ and given our case great impetus including a central point of contact providing weekly updates.


So what’s happening?

Having concluded that problems with the infrastructure are to blame, BT/Openreach has started re-laying cable in sections starting at the village end of Croft Drive. A first run was completed in early June and is awaiting commissioning as I write. The intention is to continue laying cable in sections until the core problem is alleviated.

This is a major breakthrough as before now, BT/Openreach has frequently told residents that nothing will improve until fibre is provided to individual premises – which IS the future but not for a long time in Caldy. Simply upgrading the existing infrastructure should provide acceptable speeds throughout Caldy, including those furthest from the Fibre Cabinet (which for most of us is at the top of Melloncroft Drive).

This has been a long and difficult campaign, which now appears to be headed towards a positive conclusion. It’s amazing what can be achieved though persistence, perseverance and dogged determination! If you have any queries, or wish to join the Caldy Society email list and receive detailed updates, please contact Richard Lloyd at:


To recap:

‘Superfast’ Broadband is available to all Caldy residents already* although speed has proved poor for many residents. The ongoing BT/Openreach upgrades should improve speeds for both ‘normal’ broadband users and ‘superfast’ users over the next few months.

Superfast Broadband is sold as an option by your service provider (under a multitude of different names). If you don’t have it and you are a heavy user of the internet (TV streaming / games etc) you should consider upgrading.

‘Fibre to your door’ (FTTP) is unlikely to be available in Caldy any time soon. The telegraph poles carrying fibre locally, which some residents have mentioned to us, are a red herring and are not for residential use, despite conflicting advice from some BT engineers.

* Superfast Broadband availability is subject to capacity restrictions within the Fibre cabinet. The last time I checked, there was no spare capacity, however, your demand will lead to a capacity increase, so do register if you want it.