We recently received a charming letter from an ex-Caldy resident, telling us how much he still enjoyed visiting Caldy whenever he could.   He mentioned particularly how green and peaceful Caldy is. As a city girl, I too appreciate this aspect of our village. I grew up in Cardiff, then moved to Chester, working first in Port Sunlight, then later in central Manchester. No green leafy places there! So, after moving to Caldy fourteen years ago, I especially enjoyed coming home to peace and clean air after Manchester’s Oxford Road.

The Caldy Society, of which I am pleased to be the new Chairman, prides itself on striving to help maintain the unique aspects of Caldy, its air of openness, the large and beautiful gardens, the elegant houses. The Society has traditionally achieved this by helping residents who wish to add to their properties or improve them further, especially by advising on planning issues; by planting bulbs, shrubs and trees around the village and by maintaining its communal areas. All this work is done by volunteers for the good of the Community in the village.

Caldy has no centre, no focus around which we can all meet and share a communal life. This makes the building of a community spirit particularly difficult. Every year, Caldy Church holds a picnic, the Open Gardens committee holds their wonderful event and we in the Caldy Society traditionally set up events for the community, such as the Carols on The Green. However, we are three disparate groups and I hope that in future we can work together to make Caldy events more successful and inclusive. This is where you, the Members come in! We are starting this initiative by having  Afternoon Tea in a private garden in the centre of the Village and I very much hope that you will come along and support us and also give us your views on what you would like us to do to further community spirit.

Unlike previous Chairmen, I am not a business person; I am a research scientist and University academic who has spent her life thinking “outside the box”. I hope to bring these skills to enhance the role of the Society in the life of Caldy and I look forward to meeting you at future events and hearing your views.

Caroline Evans