My name is Johnny Prescott and I used to live at the property formerly known as “South Rise” in Croft Drive East up until my mother died in 1964.

I have very many happy memories of Caldy, not only the house where I was brought up but also the Church where I was married in 1966. I used to be a member of West Kirby Sailing Club and sailed on the Marine Lake as well as on the Estuary.

Lately in my old age (I’m 72 and suffer from Leukaemia – so uncertain as to the time I have left unfortunately)   I have been making a local pilgrimage back to the Wirral and of course lovely Caldy. I have done this three times in the last 15 years – last time last February 2016 ).  The area is a lot more lush with trees than it was in my day but still looks gorgeous and a credit to the likes of your good selves and the Society who take a pride in looking after the Village and surrounding areas.

I have been impressed particularly by all the lovely old photographs that have been posted on your site, not only of Caldy Village but also of the old station buildings, Thurstaston and the now Wirral Way. My mother used to take me on the steam train to Chester via Hooton in the old days. Happy Memories indeed for me!

I live some 40 miles away in Lancashire these days so getting down to the Wirral has been spasmodic.

Kind regards,

Johnny Prescott