Month: November 2016

Fond Memories of Caldy

My name is Johnny Prescott and I used to live at the property formerly known as “South Rise” in Croft Drive East up until my mother died in 1964. I have very many happy memories of Caldy, not only the house where I was brought up but also the Church where I was married in 1966. I used to be a member of West Kirby Sailing Club and sailed on the Marine Lake as well as on the Estuary. Lately in my old age (I’m 72 and suffer from Leukaemia – so uncertain as to the time I have...

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From The New Chairman

We recently received a charming letter from an ex-Caldy resident, telling us how much he still enjoyed visiting Caldy whenever he could.   He mentioned particularly how green and peaceful Caldy is. As a city girl, I too appreciate this aspect of our village. I grew up in Cardiff, then moved to Chester, working first in Port Sunlight, then later in central Manchester. No green leafy places there! So, after moving to Caldy fourteen years ago, I especially enjoyed coming home to peace and clean air after Manchester’s Oxford Road. The Caldy Society, of which I am pleased to be the new Chairman, prides itself on striving to help maintain the unique aspects of Caldy, its air of openness, the large and beautiful gardens, the elegant houses. The Society has traditionally achieved this by helping residents who wish to add to their properties or improve them further, especially by advising on planning issues; by planting bulbs, shrubs and trees around the village and by maintaining its communal areas. All this work is done by volunteers for the good of the Community in the village. Caldy has no centre, no focus around which we can all meet and share a communal life. This makes the building of a community spirit particularly difficult. Every year, Caldy Church holds a picnic, the Open Gardens committee holds their wonderful event and we in...

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Trees – Are Yours Protected?

To all residents in the Conservation Area:- Please remember: All trees in a Conservation Area with a trunk diameter of 7.5cm in diameter (about 3 inches) or more, at chest height, are protected by law. Wirral Borough Council’s Aboricultural Officer must be informed in writing six weeks in advance of all propsed works on such trees. This includes the cutting of branches, roots or felling. Click here to visit Wirral Borough Council’s Tree Preservation Orders...

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Afternoon Tea Raises £450!

Thank you to all those who attended the Caldy Society Afternoon Tea on Saturday 17 September at the  home of Marg & Hany Kalil.   There were about 70 people who attended. Residents and guests were greeted with a glass of prosecco, then treated to the most delicious home made Afternoon Tea – an array of sandwiches, scones, bun loaves and cakes of all varieties.We were very lucky with the most glorious weather.It was lovely for neighbours to get together, those who have been living in Caldy for years, and those relatively new to the area. We were fortunate...

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Online subscriptions: Registration goes 21st Century!

Confused over your membership status or just not got round to it yet?  We have great news for you!! We are delighted to announce the introduction of our new online subscription management system through the Society’s website.  It is designed to simplify registration for you and ease administration for us.  It allows residents to register, renew or re-register and to check membership status online, directly via our website.   The system provides secure payment by credit card or direct debit with the option for recurring payments, which helps us greatly. It also provides for voluntary payment ‘top ups’ which...

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Crockery for Hire

Having a party? Having friends round for a special function? The Caldy Society has 100 dinner plates/pudding bowls/small plates/cups & saucers and 60 wine glasses available to hire to all Caldy members, at a very small nominal...

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Mersey Now

MerseyNow is a free community messaging system for Merseyside that allows you to register to receive the latest crime notifications and community news happening in your local neighbourhood. Visit...

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Weed Spraying

The weeds in Caldy, as with many other areas in Wirral, have been a big eyesore recently. At present weeds are sprayed 3 times a year- March/April; June/July, and October/November according to the Council schedule. However, the weeds have been a severe problem this year. The Society is following this problem up with the...

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Caldy Village Gardening

Over the last few years, the Caldy Society has been enhancing the Village with a programme of clearing and planting. Many, many thanks to all those who have helped with this project – it has been great fun and very rewarding.  Please let us know if you can help us in any way with our planting project. What fun it was, getting onto the roundabout to do our little tidy up and seed planting!  It is not as easy as you might think as we needed permission to go on the roundabout by the Council.  We are optimistic the...

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